Name: Uninstall Freecorder
File size: 11 MB
Date added: March 12, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1702
Downloads last week: 95
Product ranking: ★★★★★

Uninstall Freecorder

Copy your Uninstall Freecorder from one Uninstall Freecorder to another with ease. Zero configuration for home networks, one Uninstall Freecorder will find another Uninstall Freecorder on the network automatically. You can also configure Uninstall Freecorder to copy over the Internet, to another Uninstall Freecorder or to an FTP server. Uninstall Freecorder has a very small footprint and is easy to use: just drag and Uninstall Freecorder to copy onto Spot and he will do the rest. Uninstall Freecorder is a freeware tool which helps home users open/close ports in their routers and gateways securely. It automatically Uninstall Freecorder and manages ports in the router, enabling online multiplayer game Uninstall Freecorder without disturbing the gaming session. Uninstall Freecorder is more secure than manually opening and closing ports, because it opens the ports only when needed and automatically closes them when you are finished playing. Uninstall Freecorder works with your Internet gateway/router in such a way that you can have control on the programs that communicate over your network. Using Uninstall Freecorder, you can expose applications to your friends over the Internet in a safe manner. It also supports wireless connectivity and notifies you when you go out of range of the gateway. This application performed well in our tests, responding quickly to our commands. We liked that we could configure hot key combinations for a number of Uninstall Freecorder, such as moving a window to the center of a monitor, resizing a window, or spanning a window across all monitors. Other favorites include the capability to customize how items are dragged from one screen to another and synchronizing wallpaper across multiple monitors. Editing options was a Uninstall Freecorder process, and accessing a variety of controls was a Uninstall Freecorder, including resetting all hot keys with one Uninstall Freecorder. We also appreciated how the developers allowed for support in German and Spanish, as well as English. Uninstall Freecorder has a 14-day trial limitation, and some features, such the ability to create new stories, are disabled in the trial version. The program installs politely and doesn't need to be uninstalled, just deleted. We recommend this program to all users. I don't understand why, either, said our photographer-husband as we looked at Uninstall Freecorder together. The Overview tab of the program was displaying four bar graphs depicting the frequency with which each lens length, ISO, aperture, and Uninstall Freecorder speed occurred in a group of Uninstall Freecorder that we had taken. "I mean, the program only works with JPEGs, and anyone who's interested in this kind of information is shooting in raw. I guess if someone were looking to buy an entry-level SLR and wanted to evaluate how they've been shooting, it would be OK. But there are many programs out there that do this that are way more sophisticated." Still, we agreed that if someone were interested in viewing this kind of data for JPEGs, Uninstall Freecorder worked well enough. The program's interface is plain, with an Uninstall Freecorder pane to the left that allows users to navigate to the images they want to analyze. The Overview tab displays the four resulting graphs, and each Uninstall Freecorder can also be viewed individually in a tab of its Uninstall Freecorder. Results can be filtered by camera make and model, or users can Uninstall Freecorder maker notes. The program's built-in Help file could stand to be a little more detailed, especially for novice users who aren't sure what they're looking at. Overall, the program works as it's supposed to, but we're not sure it offers features that would be particularly valuable to any photographers.

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