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No chance! Sir, I am to get down at Ambur. Are you going to work until 10:00? I'll take two more, a red one and a white one. I'll take you to the bus stop. He must have gotten over his cold. Why don't we share a room? I traveled by myself. What kind of music do you usually listen to? I can't stand the cold.
Cartamodelli Da: - I get a physical examination once a year.
- Call an ambulance.
- He spoke slowly enough for everyone to understand.
- I would like to borrow fifty dollars from you.
- I wish I could be in Paris now.
- Don't be disappointed.
- How do you like your new job?
- Look who's talking!
- Don't you have school today?
- Tom is in charge of this year's tennis tournament.
It's 6AM. I was delayed by a traffic jam. She can speak Japanese. All men are equal. May I have a receipt? You are not Japanese. I have two brothers and a sister. Will she come? Then, why did you call me? What time do you think he'll come back?

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