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Mary declined an invitation to the concert. He remained single all his life. I had enough time, so I didn't need to hurry. Every door in the house is locked. He compared the copy with the original. We chose Mary a good birthday present. Please fill out this form. When you're finished, come back to this window. I belong to New York. I'm very concerned about her illness. I'm going shopping.
Stalley Bcgmmg: - He works with me at the office.
- I promised him to keep it secret.
- This is very important.
- Friday's not good. I think the stores will be very crowded and I have to work.
- At what time?
- You talk as if you knew everything.
- Will you have some coffee?
- Would you like to buy this?
- I'll have a bottle of water please.
- Is it serious?
We often played chess after school. It was a one-sided love affair. I haven't seen Tom since 1988. Tom would often play jokes on the teacher. He is often absent from school. There is no need to worry. All the players did their best. I can't figure out how to operate this machine. Keep off the grass. I walked in the woods by myself.

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